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Passive voice
1.   Somebody calls the president everyday
2.   Jhon is calling the other members
3.   Somebody will call Mr Walson tonight
4.   The fire has   caused considerate damage
5.   The teacher should buy the supplies for this class
Answers :
1.   The President was called by somebody everyday
2.    The other members is being called by John
3.    Mr. Walson will be called by somebody tonight
4.   Considerate damage has been caused by the fire
5.   The supplies should be bought by the teacher for this class
Excersice 36  causative verb
  1.   The Teacher made juan to leave the room.
  2.   Toshiko had her car repair by a mechanic.
  3.    Ellen got Marvin typed her paper.
  4.        I made jane call her friend on the telephone.
  5.       we got our house painted last week.
  6.       Dr Byrd is having the students write a composition.
  7.       The Policemen made the suspect lie on the ground. 
  8.        Mark got his transcript sent to the university.
  9.        Maria is getting her hair to cut tomorrow.
  10.      We will have to get the Dean to sign this form.
  11.        The teacher let Al leave the classroom. 
  12.       Maria got Ed washed the pippets.
  13.       She always has her car fixed by the same mechanic.
  14.       Gene got his book published by a subsidy publisher.
  15.       We have to help janet to find her keys.

Have something done and Get something done are both used to refer to actions which are done for
the subject rather than by the subject. Causative verbs are used instead of passive verbs to show that
the subject causes the action to be done.
      1.         Have something done
 I don´t know how to repair cars, so I´m having mine repaired at the garage round the corner.
      2.       Get something done
I really must get my eyes tested. I´m sure I need glasses.Get your hair cut!

Note : The differences between have and get something done are that have is slightly more formal than get, and that get is  more frequent than have in the imperative form.

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